How Can I Transfer Books from One Kindle to A Second Kindle?

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How to Transfer Books from One Kindle to Another?

move kindle fire books to a second kindleHave bought a new Kindle and need to transfer eBooks to your old Kindle to the new one? If you are wondering how to transfer books or share Kindle books to a second Kindle, you can get the answer from this article.

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Method 1: Transfer Books from Archived Section

Because all Kindle devices that are registered to the same account have access to books purchased from that account, you can shared Kindle books between Kindles, Kindle for PC/Mac, or iPhones that are registered to the same Amazon account. (But to be noticed that there is a limit as to how many devices can access the same book at the same time.)

  1. Log in the same Amazon account as the first Kindle.
  2. Select "Archived Items" from your "Home" screen.
  3. You will see all the titles you ever purchased on that account be listed. Just click on it and it will ask if you want to download to that Kindle.

Method 2: Download Books from Your Orders Section

The second method is easy, too. You can send downloads to your registered Kindle from the "Your Orders" section of the "Manage Your Kindle" page in the website.

  1. Log into your account on your computer.
  2. Choose "Manage Your Kindle" and you can see a list of purchases and a drop down list where you can select what Kindle to download the eBooks to.

Method 3: Copy The Book from The Drive into The Other Kindle

eBooks can also be transferred into a PC via a USB cable and then copy to another Kindle using the same method. The short steps are showed here:

  1. Connect Kindle A to your computer and the device will be recognized as a drive under "computer". Just click to open it.
  2. Copy the eBooks that you want to transfer from the folder in the Kindle to the hard drive in your computer. For example, you can create a folder named "My eBooks" on your hard drive and put the eBooks in it.
  3. Connect Kindle B to your computer and transfer the eBooks from the hard drive to Kindle B. Place the eBooks and other reading material into the "Documents" directory.

Method 4: Lend Books to Another Kindle

You can also load the Kindle eBooks one Kindle to another Kindle temporarily. Amazon allows users to loan eBooks to another reader for a period of 14 days. This method doesn't require you to have a Kindle - you can read the books on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices. The drawbacks of this method are that not all the Kindle eBooks are lendable and the lender will not be able to read the book during the loan period. Also, the books can only be loaned once.

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